Day 42 and 43 – Here we go again


Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation

The last cease-fire

Frankly, I thought we were finally over it, this time. Gradually, we started talking about what happened this murderous summer in the past tense. 
I found my city all over again and spent a good time with my friends. 

La plage du Hilton à Tel Aviv

La plage du Hilton à Tel Aviv

Yesterday I started writing and I gave my piece, the title: « The last cease-fire ». I thought « last cease-fire before signing agreements ». Wishful thinking! It was indeed the last cease-fire, but before another renewed attack.

Recap: August 17, 2014, the 42nd day at midnight, was to end the five days cease-fire, the longest cease-fire ever. As always, when approaching the fateful hour, rumors were rife while the tension mounted. Not so in Tel Aviv but surely in border communities in the south where the firing of mortars and rockets have a direct impact on the lives of their inhabitants. Should we sleep in the shelter? Should the families living at this stage in the North, return home? In the afternoon, we heard of the train cancellation between Sderot and Ashkelon for fear of fire. This was not a very good sign.

Finally at midnight, it was announced that the cease-fire was extended for an additional twenty-four hours. New routine. A few hours before the end of a cease-fire; Countdown. The apprehension before; the relief after.

Grafiti d'Adi Sened

Grafiti d’Adi Sened

43rd day – Morning Optimism

Day 43 – August 19, 2014
Idan our Golani is 20 years old.. There is talk of an agreement. We should know the implements: lifting of the blockade by steps, extending of the fishing area, reconstruction. We do not talk any more of the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.
This is a new Hebrew word in for me « Pirouz » (Demilitarization).
It makes me think of Perugia, the Italian Twin city of my birthplace, Aix-en-Provence. I think of La Perouse, the famous French explorer and sailor who disappeared during an expedition in the eighteenth century. Of whom, Louis XVI just before going to the scaffold asked: Are there any news of Monsieur de La Perouse? 

I think of Fairouz, the Lebanese singer. Lina Mahloul, the finalist from Season 2 of The Voice Israel sang Fairuz version of « Les Feuilles Mortes.. » :

But, according to rumors, in these agreements, no pirouz is mentionned, no demilitarization.

Bad signs in the afternoon

In the afternoon, three rockets are fired at Be’er Sheva. No injuries or damages. This is the end of the cease-fire. Will they fire again rockets at Tel Aviv? asked Sarah. Very sure of myself, I reply that, of course not, as this would be bad and it would really put the Cairo talks in jeopardy.
How naïve of me, I cannot believe that Hamas wants the resumption of hostilities while their civilian population is suffering so much.

War in the evening until midnight

It is a very hot day. Suddenly a huge explosion. Then another and yet another. No sirens. Barrage of rockets into southern Israel and in the Centre. Then Jerusalem, Hebron. It does not stop. Over fifty rockets fired into Israel before the end of the cease-fire.

The firing continued until midnight. Weird…, at midnight, at the hour when the cease-fire should officially have ended, everything returns to normal, to a certain calm. At least here. Not in the South.

On my Tweeter, announcements of rockets fire get mixed with informations concerning the journalist James Foley, hostage of the IU, now beheaded.
I think of Daniel Pearl.

Violence and Evil, here, so close.

At the time of this writing, on the morning of the 44th day, rockets fire resumed on border communities, on Ashkelon, and on Ashdod.

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