Israel: Day 17 – Life in missiles


I was very touched to discover that Marlene Feron, whom I do not personally know, took the time to translate in English and in Italian the latest of my daily report of my « Life in missiles » from Tel Aviv. Thank you Marlene.

Israel: Day 17 – Life in missiles


Not too many rockets overnight. No announcement of soldiers killed. This 17th day began relatively well. So I went to the Shuk HaCarmel market. Tomatoes, cucumbers, mangoes, passion fruit. A short tour at Amrani brothers where I refueled in cashews, pistachios and other nuts. Huge booms. Merchants and customers look at each other sad and disillusioned. Barrage of rockets across the center of Israel in Herzliya, Holon, from Bat Yam to Yehud, close to the airport. Surely in order to deter airlines resuming their flights. I renounce to buy olives and mushrooms I still had on my list and hastily returned home. I did well. I do not have time to unload my cart. Alert. Mimi, Sarah and I, find ourselves in the stairwell.


Alert of the Disappointed hope

The explosions are very strong but I feel like I say this every time. We try to wait the required ten minutes before returning to our flats.. These « alerts of dashed hopes » are the most difficult. After a day without warning, there is a sense of normalcy and we believe that this may be a sign of the end of hostilities.

Indeed, it was not very far. Dan sends a picture with in the sky, small clouds characteristics of an interception by the Iron Dome. Thank you Iron Dome. Danit tells us that she found debris in her street.


Art is a guarantee of mental health

After this interlude, we must resume our occupations. Sarah, after two weeks of interruption due to the cancellation of many openings but also because she did not feel connected anymore to reality, publishes the list of exhibitions she recommends this weekend in Tel Aviv on her blog Oh-So-Arty. My Sarah quotes Louise Bourgeois:  » Art is a guarantee of sanity. » !

Do not remove your shoes

In the evening I accompanied my friend Esther Orner who intervenes in a conference on Dreyfus at the National Library in Jerusalem. In the car, on the road to Jerusalem in a wonderful evening light, we listen to the broadcast of the inauguration ceremony of the new President of the State of Israel Reuven Rivlin. He says that his ancestors settled in the country in 1809 to build and welcome the Messiah who should arrive soon. They slept with their shoes to be ready to follow the Messiah should he arrive during the night…..Never lose hope, do not remove your shoes, and go on believing that peace is possible in this magnificent region, where there is room for all.

Upon my return, I learn that a UNRWA school was touched. It is not yet clear if it is a Hamas mortar or error made by the Israeli army. It’s true, we have already found rockets hidden in two of their schools. But the death of children, wherever they are, ravages me.

I learn that a rocket was fired at Eilat from the Sinai . I learned that the Hamas who is negotiating a cease-fire, has called for an uprising in the West Bank and riots have already begun.

I learned that 120 soldiers remain hospitalized, some in critical condition.


Before going to bed, I run across this photo on Facebook. A siren sounds in Beer Sheva. A father with his baby in his arms gets out of his car and protects himself as best he can on the sidewalk. A passerby comes near them to protect them.


I wish you Shabbat Shalom.

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