Day 46 and 47 – One little boy with the colors of Argentina


Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation from the French : 45e et 46e jours – Un petit garçon aux couleurs de l’Argentine

46th day – August 22, 2014 – As if…

This could be a perfectly normal Friday. Hamas does not want a truce, but Tel Aviv behaves as if… . At Nehama’s in the Kerem HaTeimanim quarter, as per every Friday, youth gather to play music.

Yet the attacks continue throughout the day. Around 14:00 hours, a huge explosion over Tel Aviv without a siren. In Ashdod, a synagogue is affected. I meet friends at Banana Beach, a mass of people, too much noise, large families of French tourists.

Then, again the siren

Just back home, the siren. I start shaking. I lost the habit. We’re back in the stairwell. Boom. The Iron Dome intercepts the rockets. We check our Safe Room Group on WhatsApp that everyone is safe and sound.

May the memory of Daniel Tregerman be blessed!

Just back from the stairwell, the terrible news. A boy aged 4 and a half was hit by a mortar shell. He is dead. His name is Daniel Tregerman. His parents were preparing their bags to leave the kibbutz. They had just returned during the truce.


He will be buried tomorrow morning. I think of the poem by Victor Hugo, « Tomorrow at dawn. » I scan this picture as if watching him with all my might, would bring him back to life. This little boy who stands erect beside his Lego tower in his football shirt in the colors of Argentina is no more. I do not understand.

In the evening, we decide nevertheless going for a walk in the city. En route, a French tourist and his daughter try to find their way around. The mother is still in shock. This is her first alert. I comfort them. I feel like a veteran.

47th day – August 23, 2014 – What horizon?

Last night, a young man of 21 was seriously wounded by flying debris in Gan Yavne. Today, the attacks against the South do not stop. The dining hall of Kibbutz Nahal Oz, the kibbutz of the little boy with Messi’s shirt Messi, was hit hard.
This evening, around 8 pm, a barrage of rockets against the Center of Israel, Bat-Yam, Holon. Hamas is wishing us a good week.

The football championship will not begin this week in Israel, because of the situation. Soon the school year. How will they handle it in the south? Sending their children to school while not all of these shools have shelters?

The kibbutz where the boy was hit was deserted by families. Southerners do not understand. What is their horizon? What can they expect?

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