Let us all together stop the fanaticization of Judaism

Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation of this text from French in English. I repeat here the Facebook article from Gabriel Abensour, originally from the excellent blog Modern Orthodox. His text is important, as the hour is grave, consequential. In one year, I note: – The murder of a young Muslim in Jerusalem (Abu Kadir(…)

Day 44 and 45 – The war of attrition

Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation 44th day – August 20, 2014 – Rockets Record  168 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel. It seems that this is a record. Cities around Tel Aviv were targeted but no alert in Tel Aviv. And Hamas said to have opened for us the gates of hell.(…)

Day 42 and 43 – Here we go again

Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation The last cease-fire Frankly, I thought we were finally over it, this time. Gradually, we started talking about what happened this murderous summer in the past tense. I found my city all over again and spent a good time with my friends.  Yesterday I started writing and I gave(…)

27th day – In the open air

Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation Morning sky Strange summer. I do not remember skies so cloudy in Israel this summer. Iron Dome, Thank you! Towards 5:00 p.m., the red alert took me by surprise. I thought it was over. Well, you know the procedure. I had the impression that there were two alarms(…)

26th day – Hope and despair

Thank you Marlene Ferron for the translation. Morning red alert Shabbat, 6:00 am, Tel Aviv and I sleep deeply. The red alert pulls us from our sleep with difficulty. And here we are in the stairwell. I exchange a few incoherent sentences with depressed neighbors. After this awakening with fanfare, I find it hard to(…)